btNOG-9: Speakers

Keynote Speaker

Randy Bush

Randy Bush is an Architect at Arrcus, Inc., maker of a full routing stack for white boxes, and a Research Fellow and Network Operator at Internet Initiative Japan, Japan’s oldest commercial ISP.

He specialises in network measurement especially routing, network security, routing protocols, and IPv6 deployment. Randy has been in computing for over 50 years, and has decades of Internet operations experience. He was the engineering founder of Verio, which is now NTT/Verio.

He has been heavily involved in transferring Internet technologies to developing economies for over 30 years. He was a chair of the IETF WG on the DNS for a decade and served as a member of the IESG, as co-chair of the IETF Operations and Management Area for five years. Randy was the first Chair of the NANOG Steering Committee, a co-founder of AfNOG, on the founding Board of Directors of ARIN, helped start AfriNIC, and has participated in APNIC, RIPE, et alia since each was founded.

Swapneel Patnekar

Swapneel is the CEO at Shreshta IT and a network security engineer working in Information Security for 15+ years. He has been a board member of the India Internet Engineering Society(IIESOC).

He has been a Program Committee member of Indian Network Operators Group(INNOG) and APNIC conferences.

He is an APNIC Community Trainer and has delivered workshops in Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, and Bangladesh on Information Security, Network Security, and DNS/DNSSEC. He is also a member of the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) DNS Abuse SIG. He is a prolific speaker, and most recently, he has presented at numerous international security and privacy conferences such as sdns2021, SANOG37, BSides Dayton, 2020 FIRST Virtual Symposium for Latin America and the Caribbean, APNIC50, UKNOF July, APNIC NFH SEA, LKNOG3.

Warren Finch

Warren is an experienced consultant and trainer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Windows, Cisco IOS, Virtualisation, Technical Support, and User Training.

Warren has been involved in the IT industry since studying microcomputers in 1994. He was employed as a System Administrator for TAFE NSW in Australia, then worked as a consultant installing and supporting computer systems in Hotels around the Asia Pacific region. The last 3 years he has worked for a managed service provider as a Senior Consultant, doing end to end support and upgrades for all components of the network/systems. In the beginning of 2018, he worked on a 4 month contract as an Instructor in Shanghai, China delivering the Cisco CCNA and CCNA security courses.

Pubudu Jayasinghe

Pubudu is an Internet Resource Analyst, and a member of the APNIC helpdesk team. He has more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry.

Suprit Pradhan

Suprit is Project Manager of the NDI Project under the InnoTech Department. I am responsible for Activity and resource planning, Organizing and motivating the team, Controlling time management, Cost estimating and developing the budget, Analyzing and managing project risk, Monitoring progress, Managing reports, and Communicating with team members and key stakeholders. I hold a Master’s Degree in Power Engineering from Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia.

Rene Fichtmueller

Rene is not only an Aspirant Optician at Flexoptix, but also Chairman of the Board of the Global NOG Alliance. He has been in the internet industry since 2015 and has an IXP background. When he’s not representing Flexoptix around the world, he spends his time helping network operators get the most value from their regional groups. In 2022, he volunteered to drive a truckload of humanitarian supplies to Ukraine. This inspired him to create the Keep Ukraine Connected Taskforce along with his teammates in the Global NOG Alliance, which to date has collected and delivered more than a million dollars worth of network equipment and also raised funds for the necessary tools to keep the Ukrainian Internet to keep running operation.

Cheki Dorji

Cheki started his career in civil service with the elsewhere Department of HydroMet Services. He later joined the Department of IT and Telecom (DITT). While with the DITT, he underwent his Masters in Space Technology during which a BHUTAN-1, the first satellite of Bhutan was developed and launched. He is currently a technical team for the Joint Satellite being undertaken between the Royal Government of Bhutan and the Government of India.

Jiwan Gurung

Mr. Jiwan Gurung presents works at College of Science and Technology as a Sr. ICT Officer. He has a Master’s Degree in Information Technology from Chulalongkorn University. He has been designing and implementing the campus network and servers/infrastructure at the college.

He has worked in several projects such as Asi@Connect: Implementation of e-Learning and associated Capacity Building for identified schools in BT and others. He also assisted in setting up campus networks in a few schools under Chhukha.

Sonam Penjor

He is responsible for the overall administration and management of the University’s ICT infrastructure. He coordinates and manages various campuses of the University which are geographically scattered throughout Bhutan.

Sonam has helped design the campus networks of Colleges under RUB, while also providing technical assistance post setup. He conducts regular training to the network engineers of the Colleges on network design, routing, and virtualization.

Sonam is also actively involved with btNOG operations.

Sonam shares his knowledge as a volunteer community trainer for APNIC.

Areas of Interest:
Campus Network Design, Virtualisation, Cloud Computing, Research and Education Networks.