Randy Bush

Randy Bush is an Architect at Arrcus, Inc., maker of a full routing stack for white boxes, and a Research Fellow and Network Operator at Internet Initiative Japan, Japan’s oldest commercial ISP.

He specialises in network measurement especially routing, network security, routing protocols, and IPv6 deployment. Randy has been in computing for over 50 years, and has decades of Internet operations experience. He was the engineering founder of Verio, which is now NTT/Verio.

He has been heavily involved in transferring Internet technologies to developing economies for over 30 years. He was a chair of the IETF WG on the DNS for a decade and served as a member of the IESG, as co-chair of the IETF Operations and Management Area for five years. Randy was the first Chair of the NANOG Steering Committee, a co-founder of AfNOG, on the founding Board of Directors of ARIN, helped start AfriNIC, and has participated in APNIC, RIPE, et alia since each was founded.