btNOG-8: Speakers


Keynote Speakers

Geoff Huston


Chief Scientist

Geoff Huston AM is the Chief Scientist at APNIC, where he undertakes research on topics associated with Internet infrastructure, IP technologies and address distribution policies. From 1995 to 2005 Geoff was the Chief Internet Scientist at Telstra, where he provided a leading role in the construction and further development of Telstra’s Internet service offerings, both in Australia and as part of Telstra’s global operations. Prior to Telstra, Mr Huston worked for the Australian National University, where he lead the initial construction of the Internet in Australia in the late 1980s as the Technical Manager of the Australian Academic and Research Network.

He is the author of a number of books on IP technology and has authored numerous papers and columns. He was a member of the Internet Architecture Board from 1999 until 2005 and served as its Executive Director from 2001 to 2005. He is an active member of the Internet Engineering Task Force, where he currently chairs two Working Groups. He served on the Board of Trustees of the Internet Society from 1992 until 2001, and served a term as Chair of the Board in 1999. He has served on the Board of the Public Internet Registry and also on the Executive Council of APNIC. He chaired the Internet Engineering and Planning Group from 1992 until 2005. In 2020, Geoff was made a member in the general division of the Order of Australia (AM) for his role as a pioneer of the Internet in Australia.

Geoff Huston is speaking at the following session

  • Technical Session 1

Brian Davenport


Brian Davenport is a Solutions Engineer for the Outreach department at Team Cymru. He brings a decade of experience utilizing metadata to improve network security and performance. As a Solutions Engineer Brian is helps partners implement and understand all of the community services offerings, with his focus being on NimbusTM. Professionally he is passionate about working with smart people to solve hard problems, off hours Brian enjoys hiking through the white mountains and traveling as much as possible.

Brian Davenport is speaking at the following session

  • Technical Session 1

George Michaelson


Product Manager, Registry

George Michaelson is currently APNIC’s senior R&D scientist. Recently, he has been working on long-baseline Internet address and DNS statistics, services logging, audit and analysis, and design and implementation of the Internet Number Resource Certification framework.

George is a member of the BCS, and a founder member of the Australian chapter of the Internet Society. He participates regularly in IETF standardization meetings, and co-authors Request For Comment (RFC) documents, technical drafts, and conference and peer-review papers.

George graduated from York University in 1982 with a BSc in Computer Science. His career in the United Kingdom and Australia has pursued research and development in computer science, networking, and systems administration.

George Michaelson is speaking at the following session

  • Technical Session 1      

Lungten Wangchuk

Lungten Wangchuk started his career as a System Administrator at
Bhutan Telecom. Then he went on to establish a data center at Thimphu
Tech Park. Since then he has been working with local IT firms helping
them design infrastructure solutions for businesses.

Lungten Wangchuk is speaking at the following session

  • Technical Session 2

Dhendup Cheten

Dhendup Cheten is the owner of a start-up firm called fuzzy automation, a mechatronics solution provider. He has experience in commissioning of the substation automation system, development of SCADA system application, running hotel and construction business, and have led research and development works in the fields of industry 4.0 technologies under DHI.

Dendup Cheten will be speaking at the following session:

  • Technical Session 2

Urpan Adhikari

Network Engineer, ISP Core Network, TashiCell

Urpan has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication and has been working with TashiCell since Nov 2011. He has worked as a transmission engineer and later as Network Engineer and looks after the IP network of TashiCell.

Urpan Adhikari is speaking at the following session

  • Technical Session 2

Paresh Khatri


Paresh Khatri is the CTO for the IP Networks Division for Nokia Corporation in APAC. In this role, Paresh is responsible for formulating platform and architecture strategies to meet the varied demands of operators in the Asia- Pacific region. He has been responsible for architectural design for the largest IP transformation projects in the region, and is now working closely with service providers as they address the growing demand for scale and new services that will be enabled by the evolution to 5G

Paresh’s areas of expertise include the entire range of IP/MPLS technologies and applications, from the network core to the access network. His current areas of interest include 5G transport, network virtualization and SDNs.

Paresh has more than 24 years of experience with both service providers and vendors in building carrier-grade IP/MPLS networks, including the largest IP NGN transformation project ever undertaken in Australia.

Paresh is a regular speaker at industry conferences in the APAC region and also actively participates in a number of telecommunications industry standards bodies.

Paresh holds a Bachelors of Electronic Systems Engineering (First Class Honours) and a Bachelor of Information Technology from the Queensland University of Technology.

Paresh Khatri is speaking at the following session

  • Panel Discussion “Network Evolution & Trends ~ are robots coming?

Warrick Mitchell

AARNet Pty Ltd

Warrick Mitchell is the Network Architect for AARNet, the Australian NREN. He has a background in various technical roles ranging from systems administration to network architecture across banking, defense, mining,, and service providers within Australia. Warrick is particularly interested in high-performance, scalable, reliable, automated networks. Believing that the network should enable and enhance the user experience seamlessly without being detected regardless of if they are using an HPC or an iPad.

Warrick Mitchell is speaking at the following session

  • Panel Discussion “Network Evolution & Trends ~ are robots coming?


General Manager, SPPD, TashiCell

Jamyang has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications from Delhi College of Engineering and Master’s in Business Administration from Curtin University, Australia.

He has been a part of the team that introduced the 1st Cellular Mobile Service in Bhutan on 11th Nov 2003, and Bhutan’s 1st Private Mobile Service on 6th April 2008.

He has served as Planning Engineer for B-Mobile, Senior Manager, and General Manager for Strategic Planning & Projects Department for TashiCell.

Jamyang is speaking at the following session

  • Panel Discussion “Network Evolution & Trends ~ are robots coming?

Roshan Sharma

Associate Director

Innotech Department, DHI

Roshan Sharma has an Engineering Degree in Computers from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi, India and Masters in Business Administration from Amity University, Noida, India.  He has almost 20 years of diverse experience in the field of Information and Communication Technology, having worked in various organizations such as Royal Monetary Authority, Huawei Technologies, UNICEF (Bhutan),  SELISE Pvt Ltd (TechPark), MONUSCO (DPKO in Dem. Republic of Congo), and now as Associate Director, DHI, Innotech Department. His interests are AI/ML, Cyber Security, Electric Vehicles and Autonomous Driving.

Roshan Sharma is speaking at the following session

  • Panel Discussion “Network Evolution & Trends ~ are robots coming?“

Tashi Phuntsho


Senior Network Analyst

Tashi has experience in network design, operation, and maintenance having worked for more than a decade as a core network engineer in service provider network. Tashi also had a short stint at Australia’s first blockchain company – Blockchain Global.

He has been involved in capacity development in the APNIC community by providing training in number of technical areas, such as Routing & Switching, Network Design and Architecture, Network Security, IPv6, DNSSEC, and so on.

Tashi completed his undergraduate studies in Electrical and Electronics engineering from India, complemented by research studies from Japan and postgraduate studies in Network Systems from Australia.

Areas of Interest:

IPv6, Blockchain, Securing Internet Routing (RPKI), SDN and Network Automation, DNSSEC.

Tashi Phuntsho is speaking at the following session

  • Panel Discussion (Moderator)

Dave Phelan

SeniorSenior Network Analyst / Technical Trainer

Dave comes to APNIC having worked in the Australian ISP and MSP community for the last 20 years in roles as diverse as carrier transmission networks, to System Administration, to core, edge and customer networks. Having built a corporate ISP network from the ground up, he comes with an understanding of traps and pitfalls that most networks have and do experience.

Dave Phelan is speaking at the following session

  • Tutorial: Network Monitoring & Management

Manoj Adhikari

Deputy General Manager, GIC-Bhutan Reinsurance Co. Ltd.

Manoj has been working in information technology since he graduated with a BSc Computer Science (Honors) in 2008. He has worked for Huawei International for 3 and half years in the capacity of A&S officer and technical manager in two separate terms and for T Bank Ltd as Deputy IT Manager for 5 years. Since 2016, he is heading the IT department and Enterprise Risk Management departments at GIC-Bhutan Reinsurance Co. Ltd.

Manoj Adhikari is speaking at the following session

  • Tutorial: Network Monitoring & Management

Sonam Penjor

Chief of ICT, RUB

He is responsible for the overall administration and management of the University’s ICT infrastructure. He coordinates and manages various campuses of the University which are geographically scattered throughout Bhutan.

Sonam has helped design the campus networks of Colleges under RUB, while also providing technical assistance post setup. He conducts regular training to the network engineers of the Colleges on network design, routing, and virtualization.

Sonam is also actively involved with btNOG operations.

Sonam shares his knowledge as a volunteer community trainer for APNIC.

Areas of Interest:
Campus Network Design, Virtualisation, Cloud Computing, Research and Education Networks.

Sonam Penjor is speaking at the following session

  • Tutorial: Network Monitoring & Management

Warren Finch

Senior Network Analyst / Technical Trainer

Warren is an experienced consultant and trainer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Windows, Cisco IOS, Virtualisation, Technical Support, and User Training.

Warren Finch is speaking at the following session

  • Tutorial: Network Security

Alisha Gurung

Deputy Executive Engineer/ System Engineer

Bhutan Telecom Limited

Alisha Gurung is a System Engineer at Bhutan Telecom Limited. She started her career as a System Engineer and has been working for almost 10 years now. She has developed a strong background in system security and has successfully deployed DNSSec for “.bt” domain.

Alisha Gurung is speaking at the following session

  • Tutorial: Network Security

Pratima Pradhan


Pratima Pradhan has been working with the Department of IT and Telcom (DiTT) for 10 years and has Masters of Cyber Security from Edith Cowan University, Australia. Currently, she serves BtCIRT in the capacity of Senior ICT officer.

Pratima Pradhan is speaking at the following session

  • Tutorial: Network Security